Frequently Asked Questions

"Who makes it?"

All products are designed and crafted by Alexander Draven.


"How do you make it?"

For most of my work each piece starts as metal sheet and wire. I use no machinery in the creation of my products (including the timepieces and leather work). The pieces for which I use casting or machinery on a few components are stated in the product listing.


"Do you have this in my size?"

I typically create rings in size 5 to 15; however, since everything is handmade I am able to create any size needed. Different length straps for the timepieces are also available upon request.


"What metal is your jewelry?"

I use only sterling silver in the creation of my jewelry. I do use copper accents on a few marked pieces and gold is available upon request.


"Do your watches work?"

Yes, and they keep time beautifully!


"What movement do you use?"

I use two highly reliable movements for my timepieces:

  • 19 jewel 11-3/4 ligne mechanical (wind up) movement.
  • 6-3/4 x 8 ligne quartz battery movement.

Other movements are available upon request.


"How long does it take to make something?"

The design/construction process could take anywhere from one to ten weeks depending on how many design drafts we go through, complexity of the commission and current work load. Don't wait until the last minute to request a bespoke piece for the holidays or an anniversary.


"Can you repair my grandfathers pocket watch or grandmothers ring?"

Yes, however due to my work load at the time I may not be available immediately.


How do you determine prices?"

Pricing is determined by time, complexity and material. All pieces are made from hand with machine-like quality.