Compass Watch

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You will always find yourself in the right place at the right time when wearing The Compass Watch. Each element of the case was created using copper and nickel sheet metal, as well as wire. Forged with hand tools and lovingly crafted, it is sure to evoke the naturalist explorers of days gone by. Studded with 19 rubies, the classical stainless steel movement will guide your journey a full 36 hours before needing additional winding. A compass doesn’t tell you where you are, but where you are headed. 

Due to the handmade nature of the creation, each piece may have slight variations.

*this is a time keeping device, not a functional compass

All items come with free movement repair and leather maintenance for the life of the product.

Case Size 35mm
Case Thickness 10mm
Case Material Copper, nickel
Dial Detail 33.5mm
Strap Width 19mm
Movement ECB0562 Mechanical 19 jewel  +/- 3 sec per day
Hardened Mineral Crystal
Depth Rating 3 ATM